I love laughing, dancing, hiking, running, biking, painting, drawing, writing, reading, hugs, dark chocolate, and tea. My favorite color is a rainbow, my favorite dog is a mutt (although I don't have a dog)(or a cat)(or a gnu)(and I'd love to have a miniature donkey if I only had the room), my favorite flower is a daisy, my favorite book is the dictionary.
I have gratefully ingested microbes in Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. (Five months in Africa are shared here, other travels are shared here)
And I believe that everything is possible, even if it might be very very unlikely.
Jun 96      Rhode Island School of Design  Providence, RI
                 Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Illustration
                 European Honors Program, Rome, Italy 94-95

May 03     School of the Museum of Fine Arts  Boston, MA
                 Post-Baccalaureate certificate, Painting/Printmaking

As well as the many people who taught me Spanish, dance, flute, writing, healing, and hope.
info [at] dawnrevett [dot] com